Welcome to Paper Excellence.

Paper Excellence Group has grown through logical acquisitions from a single mill base to a multinational group producing 2.5 million tonnes paper and pulp with over 2,300 employees in the last few years.  Our core values, and our Company spirit, are the things which set us apart from – and will enable to surpass – the performance of our competitors. Our spirit is to constantly challenge the limit, and tirelessly strive for victory. We will be victorious when we become – and remain – the lowest cost, highest efficiency, and most profitable Company in our business – through happy, committed and dynamic people.

About Us

Paper Excellence Canada sources wood-based raw materials from forest lands where operators are in compliance with applicable provincial regulations and where many maintain recognized Forest Management Certification.

Paper Excellence Canada takes all reasonable measures to ensure that provenance of wood-based raw material is known; the wood is legal and proper chain of custody systems are in place.

Paper Excellence is a sustainable, profitable globally integrated fiber products provider that is economically, socially, and environmentally responsible.  Through innovation and adaptability, provide cellulose based products at lowest possible cost. We will constantly strive to improve the global competitiveness of our customers, while enhancing the sustainability of our manufacturing operations and the well-being of the communities in which we operate.

We are a privately owned group of companies in the pulp and paper industry. With our headquarters in Richmond, BC Canada, the Company has close to 2 million tonnes of pulp production capacity, 550,000 tonnes of paper production capacity through 6 mills in Canada and 2 mills in France in cities of Saint-Gaudens and Tarascon.

Paper Excellence employs approximately 2,600 employees in Canada. In all our operations, Paper Excellence has always ensured that it maintains strong relationships with local and national governments, local communities, unions, non-government agencies and other stakeholders.

With the recent acquisition of the Skookumchuck mill (255,000 tonnes of capacity) in 2013, Paper Excellence’s Canadian capacity for NBSK pulp is now 1.2 million tonnes.

Recent efforts in our commitment to develop sustainable industry, include the addition of a sapling Nursery to our Mill in Northern Resources, Nova Scotia and the startup of a green energy plant in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  Furthermore, we carry out Green Projects in many of our mills and are committed to search for improvements to our operations.

Paper Excellence believes that with the acquisition of new Mills, the Company can offer a wider variety of products which provides leverage in global market.  This enables us to offer a variety of different products (different varieties of pulp, for instance) to our customers.

How Are We Different and (We Believe) Better?

  1. We Have Introduced a New, More Sustainable, Long Term, Business Model to the Global Pulp & Paper Industry.
  2. The Export Market Outlook for Our Products is Favorable – Notably in Markets (e.g. China) in Which We Have Unique Expertise,  In-Depth Knowledge, Long Term Growth Customers and Positive Relationships.
  3. We are Expanding Rapidly to Meet the Needs of Our Customers. We Supply ‘Purpose Made’ Pulps (a) At a Price They Can Afford and (b) At a Price that Competes with ‘New World’ Plantation Hardwood Pulps

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