Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation
PO Box 2609
1000 Coquiwaldie Rd
Mackenzie, BC V0J 2C0





In April 2010, Paper Excellence purchased the Mackenzie Pulp’s mill that had been idle since 2008. Excellence has invested $75 millions, allowing Mackenzie Pulp mill to successfully restart its operation in August 2010 and bring back over 200 jobs to the region. Paper Excellence will continue to work closely to develop the mill going forward.

Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation is located in Mackenzie, BC. It approximately produces 240,000 ADMT (NBSK) bleached pulp annually and employs 250 people. Our parent company is Paper Excellence and we have several sister mills throughout Canada, the US and Europe.

Mackenzie Pulp Mill Corporation produces some of the best NBSK pulp in the market. The unique characteristics of the fibre resource, the white spruce, lodge pole pine and alpine fir which thrive in the cold northern climate, make Mackenzie pulp one of the brightest, cleanest and strongest pulps in the world. A single-line mill, Mackenzie produces 240,000 tons of northern bleached softwood Kraft pulp annually, used in the manufacturing of tissue and specialty paper throughout the world. The mill was built in 1972 and was significantly modernized in 1996 with the addition of short fibre wood digesting production capabilities.

The plant is a combined Kraft pulp and energy facility, which satisfies 70% of its electrical and 90% of its steam requirements as by-products of good operating practice. Burning purchased natural gas produces the remaining steam required and the balance of electrical needs is purchased. The mill strategically fits within the available resources of the region.